Adbel Salam has already performed and gained popularity all around the world. He has gathered fans in Europe, the United States, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and other countries in Asia. He is now available to perform in concerts and other kinds of events in Europe, and his inspirational songs appeal to all kinds of public, from different ages, ethnicities and nationalities. The artist also often performs in charities and is open to participate in this kind of events too.

By simply clicking on one of the icons on the right of the screen, you can visit Adbel Salam in Google Plus, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter to be up-to-date about his latest songs and performances, as well as everything related to his musical career. You can also watch videos of some of his most popular songs, as well as enjoy of a sample of his live performances, on Youtube.

Adbel Salam’s religious songs represent perfectly the beauty of Islam, its poetry and harmony. The songs are fresh and joyful, but they also have a spiritual energy that captivates the attention and the hearts of all those who are open to other cultures and beliefs. For a multicultural Europe and for more understanding with regards to Muslims, nothing better than showing Europeans the beauty and harmonious sweetness of Arab songs, for them to start falling in love and welcoming the Arab culture.