Here is a repertoire of songs by Abdel Salam Al Hassani. You can buy the albums via Paypal and also get one for free, paying only for shipping costs.

‘Ya Yumma’, Oh Mother – 1994 : Abdel Salam Al Hassani first album, which was composed, produced and sung by him. It is an album for listeners of classical music and for lovers of oriental climates. The artist’s voice encourages the listener to relax and his personality creates a warm atmosphere during his concerts. Its main song, ‘Ya Yumma’, is a homage to all mothers, sung in a slow rhythm and sweet tone.

Abdel Salam Al Hassani

Ramadan Kareem : This is an album of Ramadan songs, which is given for free with the purchase of any album.

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Abdel Salam Al Hassani